Welcome To My Attic Archive

This website is a prototype for Attic Archives, a new tool for organizing and sharing your family history and heirlooms.

I recently inherited boxes of family photos, letters, ephemera, mementos and journals dating back to the civil war.  I couldn’t find a tool that helped me organize it in a way that worked for me.  So I built one.  

While doing so I realized that I surely wasn’t the only one in this situation.  Other people’s attics, garages, storage spaces, and barns are also full of family treasures.  Those treasures tell our family stories and our family stories connect us to history.

I also realized I needed tools for researching both the items and my family history in general.  There are plenty of places to build family trees but they have limitations when it comes to media organization.  So this site includes bespoke systems for bookmarks, tasks, inventory and citations.

Since I am using my personal family info as a demonstration I have set living relatives and some content to be visible only to family but everything else is there for browsing.

The next step is to create a wordpress theme based on this design.  You will then be able to apply it to your own family history site.  I will also be offering hosted and customized sites as well.  More on that as it develops.

You can test the site for yourself using the demo I set up.

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Updates are brief messages from the administrator of the site.  They can be notes about what’s new on the site, requests for info about a person or material in the archive, or anything really.

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