Wisconsin Pioneers

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A collection of materials related to my ancestors who were pioneer settlers of Wisconsin from New England and New York State


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Amos Hanks Death Notice

Article Summary

News clipping about Amos Hanks Jr "blowing his brains out."


Janesville Daily Gazette

Publication Date

May 1, 1866


Plank Road Ticket

a ticket for the plank road in milwaukee wisconsin from the 1880s

Type of Ephemera

  • Misc

Ephemera Description

This is a ticket or voucher for travel along the Milwaukee, Watertown and Madison Plank Road. It was found in the wallet that Hendrick Gregg was carrying when he was hit and killed by a train in 1881.


Hendrick Gregg’s Wallet

antique wallet belonging to hendrick gregg

Type of Object


Object Description

This is the wallet that Hendrick Gregg was carrying when he was hit by a train. It contains receipts from several businesses in Milwaukee and Brookfield Wisconsin between 1874-1881. Apparently not cleaning your wallet is a family tradition. Also of note is a ticket for the "Madison, Watertown and Milwaukee plank Road" a privately owned toll road. One mysterious note is one asking the "overseer of the poor" to take care of a man named Henry (possibly Henery) and charge it to the town of Brookfield.


Harrison L Gregg I Note about Hendrick Gregg’s Death

the 1st page of a note by harrison lewis gregg about the death of his grandfather hendrick gregg

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Text Summary

Harrison L Gregg I recounts his grandfathers death as told by his mother Hattie Louisa Gregg.
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